About us


We are passionate about changing the world, one pair of tights at a time. We believe in a future where fashion is not only stylish, but also sustainable and resilient. That's why we've dedicated our mission to creating durable, strong and unbreakable tights that are not only incredibly strong and washable, but also redefine the way we handle clothes.

Our product

Our tights are not just tights. They are designed to last, be ladder-resistant, and made from high-quality materials that minimize their impact on the environment. We believe in quality over quantity, and our tights are proof of that. No more waste by constantly buying new tights. Our tights are made to last, saving you money and contributing to a sustainable planet at the same time.


A better world

By choosing our strong tights, you also help reduce the waste generated by the fashion industry. Less wasted pantyhose means less waste for our planet and less pollution. It means a world in which we use our resources more consciously and in which we strive for a circular fashion economy.